Limo Management Services

Chicago’s Transportation Group (CTG) is a unique company that provides back-office operations and management services to limousine/transportation operators. With over 43 years of combined experience, our owners have intimate knowledge of the challenges involved in running a transportation company, and, the distinctive solutions to solve them. Operations alone can be a huge portion of your business, much less trying to keep up with stellar client relations, new accounts, fleet management, reservations, billing, and, very importantly, chauffeur training/service. Take a real look at CTG’s features and benefits (FAB) that will enhance every part of your life and business!

Give You Your Life Back

Let’s start with another question: What do you want and need the most? In our networking with many other transportation owners, a couple of common themes are heard: “We want our life back! We want to have more time away from the business to spend with family. We are tired and need a chauffeur to take ‘us’ on a relaxing trip!” Having to handle every part of a company leaves very little down time. CTG can give you back your life!

Building Your Business

“We need time to build our business, away from the sheer day-to-day investment of running it.” Solutions to these and other small and large issues are available to you now! With CTG at the helm of your company, a different world immediately opens up. Why? Because we are innovative; our expert professionals work together as a seamless team; because we offer the finest in customer service and technology. And, CTG truly sees the bigger picture—that owners need to be about the business of growing their business, not held down in a mire of operational details.

Get to Know Your Clients

You will have the freedom to invest time with existing clients. “Maintenance” of accounts is huge. You know that, and so do we. You need to be able to penetrate what you have, acquiring additional business by understanding where service gaps lie. Chicago’s Transportation Group relieves you of having to put out fires (or wonder when the next one will come up). You will now have the time to work on establishing relationships with an account’s key stakeholders. Strengthen business bonds. This is where the real gold is, rather than the cold-calling approach!

Nationwide Reservations

How fabulous to now offer extended service across the US and beyond. Our affiliate network of partners allows expansion of reservations, all with one phone call! The client will have the same superb level of service on all ends, plus easy billing on one statement. Both reservations and receipts are conveniently sent via email. Your name and brand will appear. We do the work for your benefit! What normally takes years to establish, you can now offer the day of becoming a member with CTG! Instant increase in revenue and your clients will love you for it!