Member Specific Services


Our expert accounting procedures will take a huge load off of you. All client invoicing will reflect your brand. Trips are always reconciled the same day, giving you a real-time look at business. Credit card transactions are processed under your company name, providing clarity for your clients. Be assured that we have one of the highest levels of security for credit card information.


We assist and promote your brand in hundreds of ways: reservations via phone are answered live with your name; all accounting transactions; signage for client pick-ups; chauffeur communications; dispatcher’s calls for service, rates for who you are, business cards and all marketing collateral, including website assistance.


CTG is pleased to have one of the finest groups of professionally-trained chauffeurs. All personnel receive background checks, including driving records. They are regularly and periodically screened for drugs (testing). Our chauffeurs have impeccable appearances and the cleanest, shining vehicles. Customer service is absolutely number one!

CTG Gatherings

We plan special client appreciation events so you can invite your own clients, vendors and other key stakeholders for your business. It is an opportunity for you to get better acquainted with those who use your company, as well as giving them something back. Currently, we are hosting two events per year.

Customized rates

At CTG, we understand that one rate does not fit for all companies. So, continue with the rate structure you have been using, what your clients are accustomed to and fits your brand; You are able to then adjust rates, as needed, as well as offer specials or promotions at your discretion. It is your choice!


As noted, our experienced dispatchers know how to call for what is needed, and do so representing your company. Our full staff of dispatchers is there for you 24/7. They work as a team with our chauffeurs for the smoothest operation.

Fleet Management

We offer a full, diverse fleet. It includes classic sedans, 6 and 8- passenger limousines, luxury vans and SUVs, mini- and motor coaches, and other specialty vehicles, upon request. All vehicles are driven by our professionally-trained chauffeurs, drivers that view their work as a career, not just a job.

Global Affiliate Network

As a part of CTG, you immediately have access to our global network of transportation companies. All companies and drivers are trained to meet our very high standards. This network currently includes almost every major destination in the US, as well as parts of Canada and Europe. It grows daily! We have “one-stop shopping” when clients book multiple city pick-ups.

Industry Events, Tradeshows, Weddings

Have you always wanted to attend transportation industry events, or conferences and tradeshows, but never had the time? With CTG managing your business, that precious time is freed up, allowing you to take part in educational and networking events both locally, and across the country.


Marketing your brand is essential in any business. At CTG, we help you with both print and online material. From business cards, brochures, to assistance with setting up a website, developing online newsletters (linking to the website) and social media posts, all are vital parts. Keeping clients updated and you “in the light” are invaluable!

Meet & Greet

All chauffeurs are equipped with iPads, enabling them to track flight information and provide a digital greeting to your client(s). It includes the passenger’s name, company name and logo, and your name. The meet and greet is high-tech, yet personal; it continues to represent your brand.


Our technology is able to provide a wide variety of reports. You may just want monthly revenue figures, or revenue by vehicle type. We can also analyze your data to view trends for leads, listing how reservations are made, and provide marketing programs to increase sales. Let us know how and when you want or need them!


At CTG, you will always have a real person answering the phone, no matter what the hour or day! No complicated voicemail. A unique feature is also having access to live phone conversations (recorded), to personally experience how your clients are being serviced. Our customer service agents can also track flights in real time!


As a CTG member, you now have access to one of the world’s best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software programs. We will have regular meetings with you to support your sales efforts and share proven techniques to increase sales. Using Salesforce effectively enables you to expand current accounts. Our experienced sales teams are available to coach you in giving presentations to emphasize your brand and its FAB.

Special Events

CTG is a management company with many facets. We have a special event manager on staff to assist with all the extras for meetings and events. The coordination can be for corporate or social programs, such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, awards programs, VIP needs, and a night on the town…all personalized service!


Chauffeurs will provide each client with a survey or link to one. You will get direct feedback on every area: reservations, timeliness of pickups, chauffeur service, vehicle performance/comfort/cleanliness and more. The information will help you know CTG’s performance in all areas. The surveys are a powerful technology tool for our management, and are used in chauffeur training. You can use the data to increase sales.


Our technology does not stay stagnant. We are on top of trends and continue to make improvements. From our online reservations, on-demand booking, same-day bill reconciliation, email confirmations and receipts, to trip status notifications via phone texts, we are keeping you, your company and valued clients in sync. Other special technology features include invoicing as your brand in the timeframe you choose (daily, weekly or monthly). All emails sent to clients will use your member signature and logo—we are you! We can also transfer calls to you even when you are not in your office, so you won’t miss a valuable contact.


As we receive feedback from your clients and information on your performance, we can post comments and data on CTG’s website. Data on your company will be placed in a secure location. General and specific feedback can be placed on your website and in newsletters.